About NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) is a personal development tool, which is designed to coach people on how to become happier and more effective. It coaches people on how to think and communicate in more useful ways. It explores HOW we think and HOW we behave. NLP is fast becoming one of the most sought after tools of human enhancement & performance improvement that has ever been known.

The NLP Experience with Dr. Amit Punjabi

The tools & techniques of NLP are best practiced in a conversation. Which is why Dr. Amit Punjabi chooses to take individuals through the experience of NLP over one on one sessions instead of a training program. Dr. Amit Punjabi has been practicing NLP for over 12 years. He is a certified NLP Master Practitioner from the NFNLP, USA & a Certified NLP Trainer from the IPANLP. Through his journey & experiences, he has understood that one needs to have a direction to learn NLP effectively which is why he has designed 4 different modules that gives his clients a direction to apply their NLP learning to achieve outcomes that is most relevant & personal to them. 

The 4 modules

NLP for Clarity is designed for those who often find themselves in a position where they lack certainty in the actions they take & seem to contemplate not just the decisions they need to make, but also the decisions they have already made.

The module is specially designed for those who seem to be stuck or feel stagnant in a specific area of their life.

All activities & discussions during the course will focus on using the tools & techniques of NLP to develop the ability to move forward from feeling limited or being stuck to having certainty about self & the ability to experiment with your resources to live a life of choice & freedom.

NLP for Balance is designed for those who usually find themselves in a spot where they are unable to give time to things that are most important to them.

The activities & discussions in this module will focus on using the tools & techniques of NLP to develop the ability to prioritze, plan & bring structure into their daily life efficiently. 

NLP for Management is designed for individuals who are in a position of handling multiple people or responsibilities for producing effective results.

The module will focus on the individual being able to use the tools & techniques of NLP to effectively & naturally become of the strengths & weaknesses of people around them to put it to good use. It will focus on learning HOW to nurture the aspects that make results easy to achieve & eradicate the aspects that create unnecessary chaos to manage their daily life & growth effectively.

NLP for Leadership is designed for those who want to make a difference or bring a positive shift in their environment which will directly impact the results they produce in every area of their life.

The module will focus on coaching the individual to use the tools & techniques of NLP to develop the ability to communicate & influence powerfully. The module will also focus on understanding behavioural stratagies to keep themselves & people around them positively motivated.