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Firstly, thank you for taking the time to know about where I have been, where I'm heading & where I can take you in your journey to success & abundance.

I have been in the space of behavioral sciences for about 14 years now & the constant study of people, cultures & linguistics has given me a keen sense of observation which I have been able to put to use to bring powerful & positive shifts in people, businesses & even homes. 

I have been blessed to have my work being recognised by many international media houses & publications. I was honoured with a doctorate for my contributions in the field of behavioural sciences in 2018 & received an award for best in human excellence development at India's top 50 emerging icons summit held in January 2019.

I'm keen on meeting & connecting with people who choose to look beyond challenges & are happy to experiment with their talents, skills & resources to have a better & happier tomorrow. 

My most important outcome of connecting & working with people is to improve their efficiency at both work & daily lives by simply reducing their effort.

The Ocean Of Observations

The Ocean of Observations focuses on the key observations in Leadership and communication and how these are implemented in every area of life from Business to education to adventure etc.. all of these in a short and crisp web series.

The motive of the web series is to give a dose of awareness to my fellow leaders/entrepreneurs who are challenging themselves and the society to lead an extra-ordinary life.

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